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Polly's Better Beak
These toys are also good to have in the cage at all times. It helps your bird wear down and trim it's own beak naturally. The bright acrylic shapes and the shiny cow bell attract your bird. It removes old scaly layers of the ever growing beak and it also helps clean the beak of food debris after eating.
Small (reg - $10.00) on sale $8.50
Large (reg - $13.00) on sale $11.00
Most all birds love to climb. Here is an assortment of sizes
to fit most cages and please any bird.
5" ~ $1.00
8 1/2 ~ $2.00
11 1/2" ~ $2.75
18" ~ $4.00
24" ~ $5.00
***New Item***
Playstand for small to medium Parrots
Item # dlbr1688 - $40.00    Check out this new playstand for small and medium size parrots.  Powder-coated wire attached to a plastic bottom.  Has a removable grate and slide out tray for ease of cleaning.  Comes with ladder, two different size perches (for different size birds) and two removable feed cups.  Total dimensions are 14" x 16" x 18"tall.
Note  *Above playstands come pre-assembled, therefore they can not be shipped.*
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