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We have sold many birds over the years.  We have also met many people, who have in a way, become part of an extended family.  Here are just a few of the comments from new families and pictures of the babies in their new homes.
From Vickie & Steve in Gulf Shores, AL
Hi guys, I hope you remember who i am. I flew
in from Decatur with a friend to your house
and took home a treasure a female eclectus..
I call her Honey. She is doing great and i have enjoyed her and she is well loved. We have moved to Gulf Shores and have been here about 8 mths now and its amazing how well she adjusts.  Thank you and hope you all had a great holiday.

From Val R.  
I am sending a few pictures of Saban. (# 4, 5,
and 6 are my favorites!) He kisses Kelsey constantly. I think she is his favorite. He will
kiss me but not as often as he does her. He
would rather be on one of our shoulder than
on his play gym. I think he will be more
interested in that when he is a little older.
I did what you said about cupping him in my hand and
he did go into his teepee last night and slept there all night!
His new cage was on the porch last night when we got
home from work! He has been all over it exploring and
trying out the toys we put in there! I really think he likes
the extra room. He has been really coming out of his shell
the last couple of days.
Lauren T. writes:
The little Sun Conure we got from you guys
this weekend is such a joy! We named him
Merlin. He definitely demands his attention--
right now if I leave the room he screams
until I come back. He is still a little shy coming
out of his cage, but we got him a table top play gym and I can usually coax him into getting onto a perch (that
I'm holding) and getting him out of his cage. Once he is very obedient. This is him on my little brother's shoulder. This was yesterday! Thank you so much!
PS. Our parakeet is loving that food. I mixed some with the
pellets that we had been giving her and she ate all of your
food and left all the old food. Today I came home and saw
her inside her food dish digging, like a dog, trying to find the
new food!
Kim S. writes:
Sorry the pics are a day late.
Here is scooter at his new home.

Angie S. writes:
Subject: here are some pictures of the babies
I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I
love the lovebirds. My granddaughter named
the quaker Carla, as soon as she saw it thats
what started calling him/her.
Thank you so much
Lynette W. writes:
A quick note and update on the birds.
They are spoiled rotten!! The parrot (Krackel) and Beans (the one on top of cage) are both very big talkers. Tater
(the one setting in the cage) doesnt talk...but very sweet. They definatly keep us laughing. Krackel
He wound up losing that toe, but it doesnt seem to slow him down. They are all jealous of each other, if I have one of them,
it makes the other two mad....LOL Especially if I have one of the cockatiels, the Parrot gets really mad...LOL He is very protective of me. He is good natured but If Im in the room, he doesnt want anyone else holding him...he bites em...hehe. They will fly off just me and the birds during the day, they are out of cages and follow me around like puppies.   They have brought me more enjoyment than any pet Ive ever had!

Linda B. writes:
Subject: cockatiel's new home
You were right about the bird, that same day he whistled me a
blue grass song. I play blue grass while I do my house work and apparently he thought one of the tunes was catchy. I may have
to change his name, I call him Mickee, and I say Mickee is a
pretty bird, He tried to say this yesterday and it sounded like
Keekee is a pretty bird. The grand kids love him and he endured
all of them great. He loves kids. They taught him to give sugars.
I will probably be buying 3 or 4 for christmas.

Deborah: Here are pictures of CJ
and Bo. CJ has really enjoyed him
and Bo will miss him this week as
he had to go back to school

 From Jean  

Jennifer B. writes:
Subject: Oscar our cockatiel we bought at flea market from you
He is doing great...wanted to share
 a photo of him.
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