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Jenday's are very similiar to their Sun cousins.  As babies they have almost identical coloring and can be hard to tell apart sometimes.  I   have had many customers mistake one for the other.  As they mature, the difference is easily seen.  The Jenday stays green on it's wings and back, whereas, the Sun turns a golden yellow.  They are very socialable and extremely sweet birds. They are content to be with their pet parents for hours at a time and love to interact with their human companions.  They love to "talk", however, they can  become quite verbal if excited or ignored. They love to chew, so they need plenty of toys to chew on.  Because they are so inquisitive, they need to be supervised when out of the cage.  Jendays also love to cuddle, whether it be just cuddling with their companion or into something soft to go to sleep.  Each one of our babies receives its own "cuddle buddy" at 3 weeks to give them something special to sleep with and give them comfort.  Many even sleep on their backs!  (Which is perfectly normal.)  Their "cuddle buddy" helps make their transition to their new home easier because they are taking something familiar with them.  They are very tame, lovable birds and make great companions.
Just as with our Suns, we devote a lot of time to our Jenday babies.  As babies they require this extra time to help develope sweet personalities.  We try to ensure that each one gets the extra attention it needs, so that when they go on to new homes they all have the right disposition to make them cuddly additions to their new families.
We currently do not have any baby Jendays in the nursery, however, be sure to watch the nursery page for up and coming babies.

Below are pics of our little Mischief when he was a baby. He has made himself an irreplaceable addition to our family.
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